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Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Crane for Your Project

When you need a machine to help you lift heavy, bulky objects on the construction site, nothing beats a crane. Cranes are no longer stationary; you can hire a machine that sits on wheels and can be moved all around your site. Mobile cranes are perfect for getting into hard to reach areas, they are easy to manoeuvre and incredibly powerful.


When it comes to lifting capacity, not many machines match the brute strength of a mobile crane. Power is never an issue with mobile cranes, they can lift and transport objects that weigh an astonishing amount. Experts in mobile crane hire in Guildord offer modern machines that are equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic systems and heavy-duty axles. You may be surprised to learn that most mobile cranes have a greater lifting capacity when compared to tower cranes.


One of the biggest benefits of using a mobile crane is flexibility, they can be used on all kinds of sites, from commercial construction to residential building. Using a tower crane only works for certain projects as you need a lot of space to position the machine. When there isn’t a lot of space between homes or buildings, you’ll need a mobile crane to help you out. A mobile crane can be used to reach compact areas on site that a tower crane cannot. Moving a mobile crane from one site to the next is simple as they are positioned on top of a truck. They are road legal and can be easily moved upon request.

Easy to Assemble

Unlike a tower crane, a mobile crane requires minimal setup. They can be ready to use almost immediately, once the crane has fully extended from the truck. A stationary crane has to be prepped and built; mobile cranes are ready for use. The hire company will drive them to your location, secure the legs and start to lift. There is no need to waste endless hours constructing a tower crane and then disassembling it afterwards. You can save money and get going almost immediately with a mobile unit.

If you have a construction project coming up, consider the benefits of using a mobile crane. All you need to do is get in touch with a reputable company and hire a modern unit. A good mobile crane helps you to get the job done in no time, saving you money and making your workplace safer.


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