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A terrific luxury road trip from Milan to Bergamo

Milan might be the capital of fashion in Italy, but it is also one of the busiest and most beautiful cities that accommodates any traveler. The pristine streets, amazing restaurants, and breathtaking views are all a part of this charming city. Whether you are traveling to see all the sights or just visiting local places, everything is more exciting and adventurous in Milan. Italian cuisine and vine, friendly people, and music will make this trip unforgettable.

Where can I travel near Milan?

Another benefit to this amazing place is its proximity to many great cities and lakes in Italy. Milan is positioned in such a convenient way that one day is enough to travel to a whole new place and experience Italy from a different perspective. The traffic is so well organized that it will make any road trip memorable. Here are some places that are near to Milan:

  • Verona and Lake Garda
  • Bologna
  • Lake Como
  • Turin
  • Pavia

There is no doubt that Italy offers a unique experience on every corner, and choosing the right one can be an easy task if you do some research beforehand.

Luxury road trip from Milan to Bergamo

Imagine being able to cruise the streets in a luxury car and see all the wonders Milan has to offer, from the intimacy of your vehicle. Considering it’s the town of style and beauty there is only one way to truly explore it and that is with luxury car rental Milan. This will also open the possibility to see other places that are near like Bergamo.

Only a short one-hour ride from Milan (remember to drive always safely) stands the old city of Bergamo in all its beauty. It’s one of those places that are sometimes missed when exploring Italy, but when you have the convenience of your car the possibilities are endless. Bergamo is considered to be an architectural wonder, with a famous core named Città Alta that offers an amazing view of medieval buildings preserved to this day.

What to see in Bergamo?

Bergamo has a couple of sites that are a must-see, like:

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore – Built in a rough Romantic style this monumental building will bring many surprises on the inside. It’s decorated in decadent Baroque style, with grandiose details and displays.

Cappella Colleoni – You can’t miss the façade of this unique chapel, now a family tomb for Bartolomeo Colleoni. With its colors and marble pieces, this Renaissance piece will make you look twice at every detail.

Piazza Matteotti – Located in the busy center of Bergamo’s lower town this place offers parks, gardens, and monuments that depict the story of Italy. It’s a good place to eat some delicious food and buy in Italian high-fashion boutiques.

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