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How to Remove Water Spots From Your Windscreen to Keep It Looking Clean

If you’re constantly frustrated by annoying water spots on your windscreen, and can’t figure out how to remove them – then this article is for you! Luckily, there are a variety of simple DIY ideas which can easily remove water spots, and you will even be able to find the necessary tools and ingredients in your kitchen cupboards. Read on to find out how to get rid of stubborn water spots so that you can make your car windows crystal clear and clean again.

 What Causes Water Spots on Your Car Windows?

Most people are familiar with those stubborn water spots that can appear on your car windows, but what causes them? The spots are created by the mineral residue left behind from dried water droplets. If they are especially troublesome spots to remove, they are probably caused by a dripping drain pipe or a badly positioned sprinkler – rather than rain. Sometimes these spots can be avoided by applying a glass sealant or rain repellent to your car windows, but luckily if this doesn’t work there are some simple DIY solutions.

 Easy DIY Ways to Remove Water Spots:

  • Lemon:

This is perhaps the easiest option, as all you need is a lemon. Just cut it in half and rub vigorously across the surface of your car windows, the acid in the lemon juice will attack the water spots and remove them. Use a paper towel to wipe the lemon juice away and then you can choose to buff the window with glass cleaner to make it extra clear.

  • Vinegar & Water:

Mix together one part white, distilled vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle, and then spray a generous amount onto your car windows. Apply a few more layers as the solution dries on the glass, and then use a rough towel that has been dipped in the mixture to scrub the glass. Wipe the solution away with a paper towel or soft cloth, and use this to buff the glass as well.

  • Bicarbonate of Soda:

Now you have a use for that old tin of bicarb in your cupboard! Just mix together with water – once it becomes a paste then it’s a good ratio.The granules of the bicarb will rub the water spots away, so grab a soft cloth and strongly rub the paste across your car windows to ensure it works. Rinse away the paste, and then you can choose to wipe the windows with glass cleaner for the perfect finish.

  • Toothpaste:

Make a mixture out of a small bit of toothpaste and a decent amount of water, then use a soft cloth to apply the paste to the affected windows. Let the mixture sit on the glass until it dries, and then rinse it away with water, the water spots should have disappeared. If the glass isn’t very shiny after this, you can use a traditional glass cleaner to fix it.

 When Is It Time to Call a Professional?

If you have tried all of the DIY and store-bought methods of cleaning your car windows, and they still seem dirty, perhaps there is another problem. Your windscreen could be covered with a mixture of cracks and chips as well, and if that’s the case then your best option is to enlist the help of a professional, and consider windscreen replacement. Choose a reliable, experienced autoglass company that can get your car looking new, clean and clear once again.

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