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Free Auto Insurance Quotes

There are a few basic bills that almost every household has to pay, and car insurance is one of those. If you drive a vehicle, auto insurance coverage is mandatory, so it’s an expense that people are essentially forced to pay, that is, if they want to drive.

The best way to get a better rate for the coverage you need is to review free auto insurance quotes. The internet has made shopping for the cheapest car insurance fast and easy. In about ten minutes, you can review the best rates from regional and national brokers.

Most people can save hundreds of dollars simply by taking a few minutes to review quotes online. You can even use your smartphone to check rates and buy a policy with the major providers.

Car Insurance Price Factors

Learning about the main factors that go into calculating your auto insurance estimate will be the best way to know how to reduce those costs.

Although there are many factors involved in determining your auto insurance quote, the three main factors that your insurance company will ask about are:

1) Your Age and Gender

  1. Your driving record,

2) Type of vehicle you drive

Insurance companies still want your business, most of the time, no matter what these factors say about you, but it can cost you a lot more if you’re considered a high-risk driver.

Your driving record. Your driving record is sort of a brand in itself, telling the insurance company if you are a safe driver or risky behind the wheel. The more flagrant the violations that you have in your DMV file, the more you will pay for coverage.

If you have serious violations, like a DUI or several at-fault accidents, you can expect to pay double and maybe even triple the rates for a safe motorist. In short, it pays to be a safe driver. If you do have a violation, take action, so your rates don’t go up.

Start by taking a driver’s education course and going to traffic school to get rid of tickets. While it takes a bit of your time, it can clear outstanding tickets and lower your premiums. Respecting the road rules is a sure way to maintain a good driving record and keep your rates low.

Your vehicle. You probably already know that a high-performance sports car with a big engine will cost you more for car insurance coverage. Foreign vehicles also come with costly repairs and often cost much more to replace. Vehicles with a smaller engine, low mileage, and lower replacement value are sure ways to get cheap car insurance with low down payments.

Age and Sex. Young drivers under 20 years of age are some of the riskiest motorists on the road. Even worse, they are the most distracted drivers, often texting and talking on their cellphones while driving. Rates start to fall around 25 for most drivers and get even cheaper after 40.

The debate rages about whether women or men are better drivers. The truth is women pay less for the same auto insurance coverage, with other factors being equal. Women just don’t take as many risks as their male counterparts. The age and the sex of the insured driver will play a big role in the rates paid.

Get Cheaper Insurance with Direct Rates Online 

Getting the best rates on auto insurance is a challenging task that can frustrate most people. Many people ask, “how do I know I’m getting the best rate?” or “am I getting adequate protection?”

These are all valid questions. In reality, the best way to get lower auto insurance rates and solid coverage is by shopping around online. Direct insurers have some of the cheapest available rates, and this is because their costs are lower, and these savings get passed onto consumers. Many people save $500 or more by getting covered with direct insurers. Get your free auto insurance quote in about five minutes and see how much you can save.

Money Saving Car Insurance Tips 

A useful tip is simply dropping collision coverage if you have an older car (more than seven years old). Insurance claims are limited to the value on the “books,” so you probably won’t get much anyway, even if you do file a claim. It generally makes sense to drop collision insurance when your yearly premium exceeds ten percent of the car’s book value.

Get a higher deductible of $1,000 or more. This simple tip can save you about 10% of the yearly premium. If you are a safe driver and have adequate savings, a high deductible policy can save you hundreds each year.

Most importantly, compare at least ten 10 car insurance quotes. Most comparison sites can give you ten or more quotes, and some will supply you with up to 20 free auto insurance quotes. Get started with your free auto insurance quote and save more money on the auto insurance you need.

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