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How to change the engine oil to your bike?

If you bought a new bike for your convenience, then you must know that changing engine oil to your dream bike is the most important basic maintenance that you can do at home. Changing the engine lubricant is one of the best and most efficient and easiest tricks to enhance the performance overall of your dream bike. It helps to run your bike smoothly, the best 200cc bike in India is the best choice for the long drive because it contains good quality of an engine and engine oil.

Generally, for all the new vehicles and machines it is advisable to change an engine oil once the odometer number across the 5000km or once in a 6months on the road. The fuel has injected the bikes, carbureted ones more prone to the engine oil change, the engine lubricant is directly contaminated by the fuel. The low height scooty for ladies are easily changing the engine oil and repair the minor damages themselves because it is more convenient for them and it is easy to use. . Here are some of the steps to be followed while changing the engine lubricant of your dream bike.

Having all the essential tools and equipment

There are some important tools required for various tasks are listed below:

  • Pair of needle nose pliers
  • Screwdriver/ Allen wrench
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Clean and dry cloth pieces
  • New oil filter
  • The new bottle of a suitable engine oil
  • Sizeable funnel
  • Adjustable socket wrench

Remove the body panels blocking the engine

Many bikes come with engine guards and protective cowls and a fairing work, which do a job of protecting an engine from the crashes and damages on the impact. For properly changing the engine oil such as body panels can be unscrewed with an appropriate screwdriver which comes along in your bike’s toolkit. Make sure to keep all the essential nuts and bolts back to their proper places on the surface, once a fairing cowl needs to be filtered back to their original position.

Unscrew an oil filter cap                                    

Once you remove the bodywork blocking in your way, then the next step is to open up an oil filter cap, which is a first step before draining out your engine oil. The cap is usually the black plastic piece with the raised part for doing a twisting action through your thumb. The unscrewing caps allow the engine oil to drain out quickly. If this oil filter cap is hard to unscrew, then the appropriate needle-nose pliers can be taken under the use.

Remove oil drain plug  

After uncapping an oil filter cap, engine oil tends to freely fall down. For avoiding such as spoilage of oil, place oil or a collector beneath the bike engine. Removing the drug plug presents the oil pan’s underside, then you use a socket wrench.

Change the engine oil

After you remove and clean the filter, then keep the new oil filter. After checking the opening closed, then fill the engine oil through an oil filter hole using the funnel. Make sure to fill the engine oil and standard given in the manual. After filling it, closer the oil filter cap back then start your bike and keep the engine idle for 3 minutes.

Final thoughts

Therefore, these are certain things you need to know about how to change the engine oil. Follow the above-mentioned tips and have a happy journey.

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